Quality policy

The main goal of our policy is to achieve customer satisfaction with products manufactured and delivered by PPHU MARLESZ Sp.z o.o.

Our organisation is at the forefront among nail, wire and mesh manufacturers.

Aware of the fact that every product sent to a customer is a recommendation of our company, we carry out all tasks in accordance with the principles set out in the PN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

By following the applicable legal regulations, we consistently build the customer trust in PPHU MARLESZ Sp. z o.o. as of a reliable company operating on the domestic and global market, for which quality means meeting their needs and requirements.

We meet quality requirements through:

  • ontinuous improvement of all forms of technical, commercial and organisational activities,
  • improving employees’ qualifications through training,
  • strengthening the current position of PPHU MARLESZ Sp. z o.o. on the market and its further development within the existing production capabilities,
  • managing processes in terms of added value through involvement at all levels of the company,
  • involving suppliers in the quality improvement process through their assessment and qualification.

The quality policy of PPHU MARLESZ Sp. z o.o. forms a framework for defining detailed quality objectives supporting the company’s strategic direction and responsibility for its implementation at every level of management.

The quality policy is current, reviewed, communicated and understood within the organisation.

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