Wire products

Apart from nails and mesh, our offer also includes wires and fasteners.

Our company specialises in the manufacture and trade of high quality wire products. We provide, in particular:

  • annealed wires of different dimensions
  • galvanized and coated barbed wire
  • coated wires for tensioning wire mesh and galvanized wires
  • wires – bars  3.0-3.5

Our wire products are characterised by their durability and careful treatment, which makes them suitable for many different applications in the construction industry.
Thanks to galvanizing or coating, they demonstrate high corrosion resistance. Fasteners are also available.


  • ITB AT-15-6877/2016 Technical Approval

    • Dimensions Rings Unit
    • 1,4 skeins, bucket a’20 kg pcs
    • 1 a’5 kg kg
    • 1,2 a’5 kg kg
    • 1,4 a’5 kg kg
    • 1,6 a’40 kg kg
    • 1,8 a’40 kg kg
    • 2,0-2,5 a’70 kg kg
    • 2,8-6,0 a’70 kg kg


  • Mesh

    • Item unit
    • Barbed wire galvanized kg
    • Barbed wire coated mb
    • Wire (rods) fi 3.0-3.5 kg
    • Coated wire for mesh tensioning kg
    • Galvanized wire for mesh tensioning fi 4.0 kg

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